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Fatcow hosting is having a discount promotion now, and selling at special price of $66 per month. This fatcow hosting plan come with 1500GB web storage space with unlimited domain hosting and unlimited email accounts. Unlimited email accounts are refering to where you can create/add new email accounts unlimitedly. You can create new email account for your user and assign them with their own password login. They can manage their own mailbox and send receive email. They can access to own webmail client to check or send receive email too.

Following are the fatcow email accounts and features:

Unlimited POP Mailboxes
Webmail client
Spam filtering
Newsletter manager
Constant Contact
Following are the fatcow webmail client and you can switch to your favourite webmail client via the fatcow


One of the first WebMail products to incorporate a video-mail feature, AtMail is a feature-rich IMAP account e-mail solution that provides a complete and innovative user interface for accessing e-mail resources via Web browser or wireless device.


A standards-based WebMail package, written in PHP4 for maximum compatibility across browsers. SquirrelMail has all the functionality you would want from an email client, including strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation.


Horde is a comprehensive Internet Messaging Program that offers many of the features available in e-mail clients like Outlook Express. Users can read, send and organize e-mail messages, manage calendars, contacts, tasks and notes.

Fatcow hosting are with unlimited hosting feature and offering unlimited email accounts. If you already have an account with fatcow hosting, your might need to use the email feature to send and receive email too. Simply add new email account from fatcow vdeck control panel. Once your new email account is created, you can now sending and receiving email. There is a limit in sending emails, the fatcow mail limit is set to 200 email sending per hour, or 2000 email per day. Thats the maximum that you can send. This is to prevent email spamming activity or misuse of mail server resources.

This 2000 email sending per days is very high limits, few times higher than other web hosting are offering. Commonly, in shared web hosting, the limit is set to 500 SMTP email sending per day. If you want to know what is fatcow email sending limits, this will be your answer.

No more than 200 emails per hour or 2,000 emails a day.
If you go over this limit, we will shut off your outgoing mail services. We highly recommend that you restrict the size of your mailing list to less than 200 email addresses.

Fatcow hosting plan $4.83/months is complete with unlimited mailbox creation, you can create as many POP email accounts as you require. From fatcow vdeck control panel, go to mailcentral and you can add new email accounts from here. Also being offering in this fatcow hosting package, is the email spam protection and spam filtering feature. You can enable spam blocker for your particular email account and protect it from spam mails.

Once you have enabled the spam blocker for your email account, you can set few preference, for example: whitelist, blacklist, greylist. Adding your allowed email sender to your whitelist, and add those spammer email to blacklist.

Whitelist: Mail from whitelisted entries will always be delivered.

Blacklist: Mail from blacklisted entries will not be accepted.

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